Sustainability initiatives at Mane Kancor focus on environmental and social impacts, while keeping in mind the economic performance of the company.

  • The environmental quality dimension focuses on firm activities that do not erode natural resources
  • The social equity dimension encourages Mane Kancor to consider the impact on society and addresses related issues
  • The economic prosperity dimension centres on the value creation and enhanced financial performance of Mane Kancor’s activities

Mane Kancor gives back to nature by supporting Environmental sustainability initiatives. Green initiatives are volunteered by employees and planting of tree saplings has been done at different manufacturing locations and a green belt is well maintained at factory locations. Mane Kancor actively participates in external green initiative activities as well.

Mane Kancor gives lot of emphasis on recycling. Used Paper and plastic materials are recycled with the help of approved recyclers. Water is recycled and used for irrigation purpose. Mane Kancor do not dispose any type of hazardous waste. The agro waste generated from manufacturing process is used as fuel for steam generation.

Mane Kancor is always committed to the environment. Sustainable supply chain practices are followed in the company. A major area of emphasize is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme; where we partner with farmers, guiding them on good agricultural practices, educating them on use of approved fertilizers and pesticides, providing technical assistance etc.

We also work extensively with the World Spice Organization (WSO), which works towards sustainability and food safety, with a special focus on the farms and the growing areas.

Mane Kancor has tie up with different (Agricultural) universities to develop different varieties of seeds and saplings which give high yield.