Mane Kancor’s Savoury Solutions Team has developed TastyKan; concentrated multi-spice liquid blends. Mane Kancor’s global sourcing capability and extraction expertise ensures that raw materials are extracted to reflect its characteristic profile. Inspired from various ethnic cuisines across the world, these extracts are blended together to create natural and customisable flavour blocks.



  • Tastes inspired from cuisines around the world
  • Capturing different flavour profiles of the same/different raw materials from different growing regions
  • Customisable flavour base


  • Instant flavour release
  • Better mouth feel
  • Flavour boosting
  • Flavour consistency
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Which applications can TastyKan Flavour blocks be used in?

Versatile in application, TastyKan adds instant flavour release to soups, sauces, marinades, batter mixes, meat/poultry/seafood products, sweets and savoury snacks.

What kind of fusion cuisine has TastyKan’s Concentrated Multispice Liquid Blend Solutions being used in?

At Mane Kancor we like to get creative with our multispice liquid blend solutions. Which is why at events and some of our exhibitions we have introduced the world to unique foods like the Sambar Burger and Indian pickle salads. It’s amazing what you can create with TastyKan’s flavour blocks.

What’s the need for flavour boosting with natural ingredient solutions?

The consumer is an evolved customer today. They are health conscious and very aware and sensitive to what they consume. Thus the food industry has had to come down strongly on non-natural ingredients and flavour substitutes. We are proud to say that TastyKan’s concentrated multispice liquid blend solutions are created from the finest extract of natural ingredients the world has to offer. And that’s because we have been in the natural ingredients game for close to a century now.

Which industries benefit from the consistent flavour boosting of TastyKans concentrated multispice liquid blend solutions?

There are many industries and business that can use the customisable flavour blocks that TastyKan Concentrated Multipsice Liquid Blend Solutions can offer. Take the aviation food industry that needs to cater to specific taste profiles from across the globe. The ready-to-eat market also is a huge customer that demands consistency in their products. In fact, there very little in the retail space that Mane Kancors flavour blocks are not used in!

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