Mane Kancor’s Carotenoids are derived from paprika. It is used extensively in the food industry as it has a high pigment content and can be used both as a spice and food colour. Carotenoids are produced from red pepper varieties (Capsicum annum), which are dried and then ground. It contains a number of Carotenoid pigments, the main three being beta-Carotene, Capsanthin and Capsorubin, all of which provide an orange-red colour to food or beverage. The amount of pigment depends on the maturity of the capsicum plant, plant species, production climate and method of cultivation. The use of paprika to colour food has traditionally been limited to spicy-savoury products due to its distinctive flavour. However, Mane Kancor’s deflavoured paprika range works perfectly in sugar confectionery, dairy products, snacks and beverages.


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